E-freeway is an integration platform created and maintained by the Foreign Language Teaching and Resource Center. With a valid NTU ID, the user can get access to a wealth of English language resources online. On this platform, we provide English language programs either developed by the FLTC or procured from major publishers. Learners can select one of the available English software programs that suits his/her specific learning needs. All of these learning software programs and platforms are designed in a way that the English language can be learned by going through the teaching materials and learning contents in these programs or platforms. 


A Wealth of Resources

To ensure that every student at NTU can enjoy learning by utilizing the resources we offer on E-freeway, we constantly review the contents we provided on the platform and make adjustments according to student feedback. We have tried to include as many different types of learning materials as possible to meet the needs of all learners so that the learner can choose a comfortable starting point to start their learning journey. The resources on the platform are also used by instructors at NTU as extended classroom activities or additional assignments and supplementary materials.


We have self-study programs with an emphasis on academic skills. They focus on advanced reading strategies, lecture listening strategies, and note-taking skills. Learners can acquire the skills needed for reading longer English passages in  textbooks and feel comfortable in an English-taught class. There are also integrated programs that combine grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening skills. Also, for those who come with more specific aims, such as preparing for a standardized test for the English language, there are test-prepration programs that provide tips to ace an English proficiency test. In addition to learning materials, several practice tests are also included in these programs to help learners get ready for the test.


How to Sign up a User Account

Because we have a lot of learning materials to offer, a first-time user is advised to read through our short introductions to each program to decide whether the program fits his/her learning interests and goals. The user can then register for an account by providing his/her NTU ID information to activate an account. Afterwards, the user can start enjoying the fun and convenience of self-study at NTU.


Would you like to obtain a certificate from our self-study programs? Join our self-study certificate programs on E-freeway!

1. Public Speaking with TED Talks

2. Presentation ABC

3. Advanced English Word Skills