Foreign Language Learning Self-study Certification


Other than English, the Foreign Language Teaching and Resource Center also provides learning resources for other foreign languages. At our e-Learning Lounge, the Center's library, we constantly expand our foreign language learning collections. We continue to expand our collections of some of the most popular second foreign language, such as Japanese, German, French, and Spanish, to respond to the needs of our students. Besides, we are also working on expanding our foreign language collections to include materials for Malaysian and Vietnamese learning. For more information on the  resources, please visit our e-Learning Lounge.


Self-study Certificate


Because we provide a wide collection of learning materials, a problem learners commonly face is that they may not know where to start. To save the trouble of selecting materials for self-learning, we have sorted our collection into several recommended booklists based on their difficulty levels and content areas. A learner with a valid NTU ID can apply for a self-study card. Once the learner has fulfilled the required study hours for each recommended booklist, a certificate will be granted to the learner as a recognition of the efforts he/she has put into learning. By so doing, we encourage our students to become an autonomous learner, as this is the only guarantee of success in language learning. For more information, please see Certification of Foreign Languages Self-study.


Talk Now

Talk Now! is a set of interesting, highly effective, and interactive software for learning a foreign language. It is user-friendly, and the learning effects are pretty good, and it is suitable for beginners of a language.​

The software provides the learning materials of French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Malay, Korean, Burmese, Khmer, Thai, and Indonesian, and it is the best choice for those who just start their foreign language-learning journeys.