English Short-term Courses


In order to meet basic learning needs of college students nowadays and enable enriching cultural experience for them, National Taiwan University established the "Academic Writing Education Center" in 1991. Through the establishment of the Academic Writing Education Center, materials from the Department of Chinese Literature and the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures have been collected and utilized along with their translations to develop school-wide Chinese and English writing curricula based on the idea of translation-assisted language writing. The writing programs had been created, providing in-person writing consultations and writing training to comprehensively improve students' Chinese and English practical writing skills at all levels. Since August 1, 1997, it has been renamed as the Writing Studio of the Audiovisual Education Center. Furthermore, from May 23, 2011, the name was changed again since the Center was renamed to be the Foreign Language Teaching and Resource Center. Starting from December 2, 2013, it is known as the "Happy Learning Program".

Currently, the Happy Learning Program includes not only short-term courses but also workshops and speeches. Due to the limited seats, all the short-term courses are offered to both NTU students and staff.