Online Self-Study Certifications

Since 2014, the Foreign Language Testing and Resource Center (hereinafter the "Center") has provided various online self-study certificate programs. These certificate programs, available to both NTU students and staff, are aimed at encouraging learners to study material online on their own, achieve their learning goals, and finally receive a self-study certificate as recognition from The Center.   

Eligible Participants: All NTU students and staff, retired staff, and NTU alumni 

Registration Dates: Students can sign up accounts in weeks 1-2 and 9-10 of each semester


* After a student signs up an account to use the platform, the Center will set up an account for you within 3 business days. If the account is requested but not activated within 3 months, the account will expire and the user will have to apply for an account again. 

Once the account has been activated the account will be active for 6 months. The account will be automatically deleted when it is due. If you want to continue using the platform, please apply for another account. 

If a faculty member would like to request accounts for their class, please send the student list and relevant information to the Center. The Center will be of assistance.


The Center will send certification exam results via email. For those who pass, please bring your NTU ID to R304 of the Center to receive your certification and gifts during business hours. Your picture will be taken just for the record and will not be displayed in public.
*A 100-word at the minimum reflective essay is required before the certificate is granted.

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