The e-Paper is a bi-weekly newsletter issued by the Foreign Language Teaching and Resource Center (FLTC). As of November 2019, a total number of 374 issues have been delivered to our subscribers. The number of subscribers has already exceeded 30,500 and is still growing by hundreds each month. According to the Computer and Information Networking Center at NTU, the FLTC newsletter (e-Paper), with a large readership, has been the most popular newsletter issued by an NTU establishment for the past few years.


In each issue of the e-Paper, we share the latest FLTC news. Subscribers can get to know firsthand about the latest events, courses, and new arrivals at our learning lounge. In addition to the latest
news of the FLTC, there is also a column of bilingual news in each issue that serves as a self-study material for our readers.


Informational & Educational


A news article with high-quality Chinese translation is included in each issue so that our readers, mostly  zealous English learners, can not only get to know the latest news of the Center, but also learn English at the same time. 


The news article for each issue is adapted from the Voice of America (VOA) with permission, and the Chinese translation is prepared by senior editors of the FLTC. From each issue, the readers can learn the new words of our selection and know when and how they can be used in English. The explanations of words and phrases are also provided to deepen readers'  understanding. Our senior editors also provide practical tips on English learning  and draw readers' attention to special expressions that might be easily overlooked or common mistakes.


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