Foreign Language Self-Learning Program


◆ Aim

The certification is designed to

enhance the atmosphere of foreign languages learning at NTU

encourage NTU students and faculty to use our collection of foreign language learning materials

promote lifelong learning


◆  Prospective Users: NTU students, faculty, and alumni


◆ Certifiable Foreign Languages

English (Intermediate, High-Intermediate & Advanced)

Japanese (N5~N1)

French (A1~A2, B1~B2)

Spanish (A1~A2, B1~B2)

German (A1~A2, B1~B2)



Please come to the e-Learning Lounge (Room 302 at the Foreign Language Teaching & Resource Center) with your valid NTU ID and one headshot photo taken recently and fill out the registration form. Then, a self-study passport will be issued.


Self-Study and Certification Process

 Come to the e-Learning Lounge with your valid NTU ID and self-study passport during opening hours (9:00AM-5:00PM, Monday to Friday, lunch break : 12:00PM-1:00PM) and use the self-study resources on our list of recommendations.

 Every time you self-study, remember to sign-in at the Lounge counter. Write the book title / level / language you are about to read, and sign out when you are about to leave. Your learning hours will be recorded and accumulated.

You can learn different languages or different levels of the same language in 6 months concurrently.


◆  Certification

 A certificate will be awarded to you when you have reached 36 hours of learning for a certain language at the same level.

 To apply for a certificate, please write a 100-word (at the minimum) reflective essay about your learning process and email your reflective essay to ntufltc@ntu.edu.tw.

 The application of the certificate must be submitted within 6 months upon your completion of self-study.