Extended Evening Service

Extended Evening Service for using materials of e-Learning Lounge

To meet learners' needs, the e-Learning Lounge provides Extended Evening Service for using our materials after the Lounge is closed. 
Learners are welcome to fill out a reservation form (in-person or online) and use materials in the evening.



    Current NTU staff, students and alumni

  Hours & Location 

    Mondays 5:30 PM-8:30 PM (only during semesters)  at Room 205, second floor

  Types of reserved materials

    Books, CDs, DVDs


  1.  Bring your valid NTU ID card and fill out the reservation form at the service counter of the e-Learning Lounge.
  2.  Online applicants, please access http://goo.gl/bR161V. Pleae note that the online application cannot be used for same day application and usage.
  3.  Two materials only for each person (corresponding CD that comes with certain materials will be considered as 1 item along with the book)
  4.  Bring your valid NTU ID card to pick up your reserved materials between 5:30 PM-8:30 PM. Your ID card will not be given back until all loaned materials are returned.  
  5.  Please inform us if you want to cancel a reservation. There will be a two-week suspension of privileges of using this service if you are absent from an evening appointment. To cancel, please either call us at (02) 3366-2899 ext. 56 or email us at ntufltclib@gmail.com.
  6.  Please do not take materials out of the FLTC and return all materials to the assigned locations by 8:30 PM. Failure to return materials by the due time will result in suspended privileges for a month. 
  7.  No food or drink is allowed in Room 205.