What is the e-Learning Lounge?

The e-Learning Lounge is a space we provide for learners who want to find a place on campus to use our online or multimedia resources. A learner can simply check-in at the e-Learning Lounge counter and find a seat for either studying online or watching videos with a valid NTU ID. The location of the e-Learning Lounge is in Room 302 on the third floor of the Foreign Language Teaching and Resource Center. You can get more information here.


What is the Online English Program?

The “Online English Program” refers to courses we provide for undergraduate students here at NTU. This program covers a series of English courses of different proficiency levels and emphases. Its ultimate goal is to help students achieve a high level of English proficiency in academia or future careers through self-learning. In 2008, a series of online academic English courses was set up for NTU graduate students. Here is a detailed introduction.


What is the E-freeway?

E-freeway is a portal website where we have gathered all our electronic learning resources for our users.With a valid NTU email account, the user can easily access all these great English learning software programs for self-study.  Not limited to the resources available for NTU members, non-NTU users can also find tons of free resources we collected from the Internet that promote self-learning. If you want to know more about what E-freeway can do for you, click here. To initiate a user account or check out what’s cool, please go to E-freeway.


What is the English Corner?

The English Corner is an English conversation group we started in 2013. Its main focus is to provide our students with more opportunities to engage in real English conversations and practice all kinds of English speaking skills. Each session is assisted by at least two exchange students whose mother tongue is English. We believe that this conversation activity is not just about language exchange, but is also a great cultural exchange experience for both sides. We currently hold the sessions at noontime from 12:20 to 13:10 on Tuesdays. Students who want more opportunities to improve their oral English proficiency can freely sign up for the sessions. To see the schedule and to sign up, please go to this page.


What is the E-paper?

The E-paper is the bi-weekly newsletter published by the Foreign Language Teaching and Resource Center. It is both informational and educational. In each issue, the reader gets to know what’s new in our library, and what events or courses we are currently launching. There is also a bilingual news article in each issue that contains instructional notes to assist the reader in expanding their vocabulary and achieving a higher level of reading proficiency. Currently, the E-paper has more subscribers than any other newsletter issued by an NTU establishment. It’s great, and it’s free! Subscribe now!


What is the FLTC Theater?

The FLTC Theater is a facility at the Foreign Language Teaching and Resource Center. With 186 seats, it’s an ideal place to accommodate a large class. Equipped with professional lighting and audio systems, it’s also a great place for holding a variety of events, such as drama performances, music recitals, concerts, talent shows and contests, etc. Countless events have been held successfully in the FLTC Theater. With a reasonable fee, you can have a theater of your own. Check it out now.


How to contact us?

You can simply leave a message here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you'd like to speak to a person during office hours (9:00~17:00), call (02) 3366-2902/3366-2903 for inquiries about a course or an event; call (02) 3366-2899 for services of the e-Learning Lounge and the Center's library (R302). For information on our facilities (availability of the classrooms or the theater), please call (02) 3366-2896. We will be more than happy to assist.